Behind the Wheel of SlatedJKU

We’re always curious about what drives and motives someone to build a Jeep in their own style. We get behind the wheel with SlatedJKU for an interview to see what drives this build!

What led you to Jeeps?

So I have had a few Jeeps but always tried to do things on a budget because I had 3 kids. You know, trying to be responsible. I was just doing some simple DIY garage things. The point of it was to have some “me time”. With three kids it’s easy to lose who you are and you stop doing things for yourself because you have other responsibilities. Little did I know that “me time” would turn into “us time”.

What had happened is that this Jeep build has become one of the best relationship builders for my family. My wife and all 3 kids have been all in since! They have an input on parts, they enjoy the shows, and they look forward to riding all the time. Whether its hitting up the Smoky Mountains or just going to town the Jeep has evolved to our primary vehicle!

What started the SlatedJKU Build?

In Feb. of 2018 I had an opportunity to upgrade to a 2014 Rubicon Unlimited with paint matched hardtop (which is what I wanted….the wife too) So within a week I was in a new Jeep. It was the cleanest low mileage Jeep I ever started with.

I decided that this was going to be a different build. I was going to put quality parts on it and do it the right way from the beginning.

The next step was finding a shop for the work. With a little research and seeing Ben’s Jeep (SergeantCrush) I knew Tom’s 4X4 Superstore was where I needed to go…and it was close to me so that helped!

Is Slated built for looks or function?

Both! Because this is my daily driver I used parts that I could go off road if I wanted to and handle great on the road so I can get to the office on Monday. I wanted it to be functional as well as turn a few heads. I knew from the beginning I wanted to paint match everything! I had that planned well before the title was in my name!

I feel like we have come a long way in 7 months but still have much to do. In the next few months we are looking at D60 axles, 40” tires, and a few more cosmetic things for Jeep Beach. (per my 10 year old daughter)

What do you like most about REVKIT?

What is great about REVKIT is that it creates an interactive way to share your build and follow some of your favorites. Always having an updated parts list is always great to have! I enjoy that you can get a lot of your questions answered without having to directly message someone as well. An added bonus is that it is another way to bring the Jeep community together and build relationships!

What do you enjoy most about the Jeep community?

One thing we love to do is to attend a bunch of events both big and small. Though we have a lot of fun, what I didn’t anticipate was the friendships we develop from this community. It is absolutely amazing the quality of people we have met. This includes those who has a full blown rig, the person rolling stock and even manufacturers.

These are friendships that will last forever with good, genuine people!