Featured build: Mayhem Offroad

**Building The Community With Mayhem Offroad **

There aren’t too many gecko green wranglers that we consider to be perfect, but Nick’s Mayhem is definitely dialed in! Take a look at Nick’s photography, an incredibly well built supercharged JK, and learn how Nick is helping the community every year through an incredibly successful toy drive!

What are your top 3 favorite additions to your JK and why?

  1. The Ripp Superchargers XL kit. This kit has been extremely reliable for me – on and off road . I started out with a Sprintex a few years ago, and then was given an opportunity to team up with the guys at Ripp. The kit hasn’t let me down yet. It was dyno tuned with an HP tune, and cracked about 400hp to the wheels with D44 axles and a 40” tire. Keeping in mind it is a 6speed ! Great product, and great people- bottom line.
  2. Dynatrac Hardcore 60s. These axles were always a dream of mine, even before I started Mayhem. 2013 is when I purchased my jeep, and the first thing I did was set the jeep up for nitto 40” trail grapplers. I knew down the road I would need the insurance, and couldn’t wait to pull the trigger on a set of Dynatrac’s. Pure Beef, and a piece of mind on the trails- need I say more ?
  3. This one would be a toss up between the coilovers and half doors, but I would have to say my Mopar Half Doors. Completely changes the overall aesthetic of the jeep.

I am the type of guy who is “never satisfied” so I enjoy changing things up from time to time.

How did Mayhem Offroad get its start?

I put together Mayhem Offroad back in 2014. It started out with me doing lift kits in my garage. At the time, I had built myself a 95 YJ Sahara on 35s with 4” of lift, and TJ front clip and painted it gecko green. I had an old damp detached 2 car garage with squirrels running around the attic peeing through the ceiling lol. My friends would come over and ask for help installing lifts, rims, tires and accessories on their jeeps.

It got to a point where I asked myself why not give the parts game a shot.

So I started an ecommerce business and began to sell. Later on I ended up teaming up with a friend who owns two body shops, which gave Mayhem the ability to offer full build packages, from superchargers, to lift kits and also custom paint work.

How does Mayhem Offroad make a difference in the community?

For the past 3 years, Mayhem Offroad teams up with Jeepers Creepers NJ ( a local jeep club ) and hosts a charity Toy Drive event. This not only brings a lot of happiness to children in need, but it also helps bring the Jeep Comminity together to make a difference.

If it is one thing I enjoy, it is bringing people together.

People around the community come and drop off toys- receive a ticket, and then are given the option to buy additional raffle tickets for a chance to win some great prizes. The money raised is donated to St Jude. The toys are brought to the Robert Wood Johnson’s Children’s Hopsital in NJ. This year we raised over $5,000 for St Jude, and over 5 jeep loads plus a trailer load of toys.

Robert Wood Johnson Hopsital, I hold a special place in my heart for… a little over a year ago my Father was given the greatest gift- the gift of Life. He had a successful heart transplant and is going strong ! This toy drive is the least I can do to help give back.

We noticed you are an avid photography buff… What are your 3 favorite pictures of your Jeep and why?

Love Photography and Video! I try to shoot as much as possible, if I am not shooting my jeep, I’m snapping away in Disney World lol. If I had to choose 3 images it would be the following:

This was from my wheeling trip this past weekend at Rausch Creek in PA. Incredible time with close buddies of mine. FINALLY got to put the jeep to the test. Ended up high centered here on a boulder and had to winch but hey it was awesome ! Lol

This picture is my second fave because it reminds me summer. Sporting the mopar half doors with no top giving it a fresh optional look that I always wanted.

The third pic isn’t really a great picture lol. This was the day I took delivery of my 2012 JKUR from a dealer in Oregon. The picture represent a new beginning/a blank canvas. This is where the MAYHEM really started!!!

Check out the video from Mayhem offroad for the Toys For Tots 2017 drive!