New Jeeper Jeep Tip: Wheels

**This is another topic that sounds obvious but like anything else in the Jeep world, it has its own quirks and lingo that you need to be familiar with when upgrading those stock shoes. **

I won’t get into the deep dish and standard truck wheels and all that fancy shiny stuff as those apply to both the car and truck market and nearly every big wheel company makes several designs. If you want to see a badass set of deep dish wheels, check out @righicon and his setup!

You already know that wheels really make or break a build so #shop #smart

Today, let’s focus on the mysterious “Beadlock” style wheel. You have probably seen people posting questions like: “Are those real or simulated beadlocks?” If you are new to the Jeep life, your probably have no idea what they are talking about. Let’s change that today and increase that vocabulary a little. #themoreyouknow

So @tread_magazine does a great job of defining beadlock wheels as follows:

_“…beadlock wheels were designed to help keep tires from dismounting from the wheel when tire pressure is insufficient to hold the bead into place. In short, the “beadlock” is the round ring which is bolted against the outer circumference of the rim thus creating ample pressure to keep the “bead”, locked into place. Of course, this technology typically applies to 4-wheel drive, dirt track and off road racing vehicles who often lower tire pressure for rock climbing.” _

I couldn’t have said that better myself! #truerwords #nice

There are a lot of companies that make a true beadlock wheel. @racelinewheels @trbeadlocks @kmcwheels and #hutchinsonwheels make some of my favorites.

A true beadlock will have the wheel bolted to the tire instead of seated with pressure.

A double beadlock bolts the wheel to the tire on both sides. Those are pretty hard to find but definitely available.

A single beadlock (most common) is only bolted on one side of the wheel.

#notfuntomount #ifihadadollarforeverytimeivebeentoldthat

If you are wanting to run a beadlock wheel, pay attention as many aren’t approved or recommended for the highway.

I run Trail Ready beadlocks on mine and I love them! #madeinamerica #best