Legends Of The Loud Pedal – Featured Build: Mr.Karnage

**There are some Jeepers who like to go slow, crawl every obstacle with prowess and conquer the hardest line… Then there’s Will from Karnage Motorsports. **

**This week, we talk with Will (Mr.Karnage) about his badass two-door JK and why he lives up to the legend of the loud pedal. **

1) What started the love for Jeeps?

(Especially being in Miami where exotic cars are all the rage)

I’ve always been a car enthusiast and Jeep has always been my number one choice since I was a kid. When I finally got one at 16, I started with a Cherokee and the craving to make them more capable continued to grow! I named this Jeep the White Elephant and later gave it to my brother to continue the build. From there I had a 1991 YJ, a few more Cherokees, and then decided to get a JK and built that to handle anything I could throw at it.

2) What determined the parts that you put on your Jeep?

All the parts I put on my Jeep need to be up to the task of handling my driving style.

I’m not exactly known for taking it easy on my Jeep 😉

There are several phenomenal brands that I’m proud to have on my Jeep, but my favorites are Rock Krawler, TnT customs, Mickey Thompson, and Genright because these have been trail tested and Karnage approved.

3) What is the hardest trail you have wheeled?

Hardest trail – and probably my favorite trail – I have ever wheeled is “Pritchett Canyon” In Moab. This is a very tough trail overall, and very technical. It seems like the obstacles are one after the other and offers a full day of some of the hardest wheeling in Moab.

If you don’t know what you are doing you can easily damage or flop, but that makes it part of the fun! When you come off the last ledge and realize the trail is complete, it definitely brings a sense of reward knowing what you just accomplished.

4) What is the best day you have had in your Jeep?

The best day in my Jeep is the day I was finally able to drive it under its own power after a long transformation from mild to fully built 1 ton, stretched JK.

From start to finish, it took a whole year of labor and work to get it on the road, with each day building a little more excitement.