2018 Trail to SEMA by Power Stop – Episodes 5 & 7

In a world full of boundaries, dead ends, and U-turns, where other vehicles see the end of the road, we see the start of an adventure.

Check out episodes 5 & 6 of the 2018 Trail to SEMA by Power Stop.

2018 Trail to SEMA Episode 5

Day 2 in St. George Utah starts out at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive with Georges and his non-functioning JLU Rubicon, but we’re only there for a short period as we have trails to run! Today’s trail is Double Sammy which is a local favorite as it offers plenty of challenges and some option lines that will turn you on your lid if you’re not paying attention.

In true Sand Hollow style, Double Sammy offers tons of grip and is almost like a roller coaster with all of it’s tight turns and axle-crossing obstacles. That’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities to #SendIt as Matt from BUSTED KNUCKLE FILMS shows us when he channels his inner rock bouncer up a few climbs.

Our trail sits on the edge of the Sand Hollow Dunes which gave us a chance to let our hair down and rip it! For as much as we love to crawl in low-range up and down the sandstone of Hurricane, UT… we also love to shift it into high and throw sand around.

We feature the team of Jay and Alyssa Payson of HP Tuners one of our newest sponsors and their stretched JK Wrangler, and talk about their love of the Jeep culture and it’s community.

Thank you as always to JC Whitney and all of our corporate partners and participants for making this our best year yet!

2018 Trail to SEMA Episode 6

Viva Las Vegas, it’s day 7! We’re back out west of Vegas in Lovell canyon on Rocky Gap road. The trail follows a forest service road into Red Rock Canyon from the west and is pretty typical of a west coast forested trail. There is no sticky sandstone in sight, instead we are faced with shattered chunks of granite and shale that tumble around under you as you walk and drive across them.

This is the 3rd time we have run this trail but it’s new to most of our group. While not the hardest trail it does provide a few tough obstacles in between the densely forested forest road exits. It is also the bittersweet end to the off-road component of our adventure, and the start of our setup for the whirlwind that is the SEMA show.

Come along as we meet a new face or two and reconnect with one of last year’s participants on a trail that she did not get to run because of a scheduling conflict. This may be the end of this particular adventure, but to us its a chance to reflect on our new friendships and to begin planning for 2019.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along on all of the social channels that we have flooded with memories of the 2018 Power Stop Trail to SEMA, and as always to JC Whitney and all of our corporate partners and participants for making this our best year yet!