Featured Build: Sulley

**This week we chat with our featured build, Sulley (Pete Springett), about his trusty LJ. **

When did you first get, and start building Sulley?

After driving a friend’s LJ in Moab up Potato Salad Hill (assender) I decided my TJ was not long enough for Moab. So in 2015, while look ing for a Rubicon transfercase, I bought the LJ that was to become Sulley.

Started body work in November 2015, and finished and brought home all the painted panels and tub in December. After the holidays, started working on the freshly painted stock Jeep to make the 2 month thrash to Easter Jeep Safari 2016.

Where did the Sulley come from?

Sulley came from wanting a name. Big Blue Monster and The Cookie Monster weren’t mean enough. The only part moved over from the TJ was a 408 ls stoker. Everything else was new build.

What is your favorite aspect of the build?

Favorite aspect is how stable and comfortable it is in all environments.

Power of the turbo is pretty cool also.

Favorite places to wheel?

I really love Moab. It is so beautiful and so many great challenges on the trails to conquer. So far my favorite trail is Pritchett Canyon because it can kick your butt or you can conquer it. Either way, it is challenging.

What do you love most about the Jeep community and involving your family in it?

The Jeep community is so friendly and encouraging.

Very few jealous attitudes. People will come up and talk and are always willing to help each other out in times of need.