Featured Build: tn krawler79

This week we take a look at an LJ that is ready to take on anything. From the woodlands of TN to Moab, UT, Chambliss Fewell’s (tn_krawler79) perfect LJ has seen it all.

What made you want to start with an LJ?

I remember the point I fell in love with the LJ body style, it was 2014 and I was on the forums and came across Larry McRae’s Daddy Longlegs build thread.

Just something about that long low stance hooked me and I began the search for mine then.

Wasn’t until November of 2016 that I located my LJ for sale and was able to pick it up. It was owned by an older gentleman who had installed a mild lift, wheels and tires but rarely drove it so it was clean as a whistle and the perfect platform for my vision of what I wanted to build.

What were the first modifications you did to it?

The first thing I did was to throw it up on jack stands in my garage and strip off the suspension, wheel and tires, bumpers and horrible lights. I guess the first parts I bought for the LJ were the Rock Krawler X factor long arm kit and some Method wheels and 37” Cooper STT Pros.

My overall goal was to build the most capable yet street friendly rig possible within my budget. As always though, that plan didn’t stick and quickly spiraled in the direction that you see today

What are your favorite or most useable upgrades and why?

From a performance and capability stand point, the hydro assisted steering has to be high on this list. It’s a must in my opinion once you jump to a 37 inch tire or larger. I am sitting on 40×13.50×17 Cooper STT Pro’s and can’t imagine wheeling without the hydro setup.

Other than that, each and every mod I do has a purpose and like many of you, I use and abuse this Jeep so buying quality parts from solid companies has always been a priority throughout my build.

What’s next for your LJ?

What’s next for the LJ is actually what’s happening right now. EJS 2019 prep is underway and opening Elevated Off Road here in middle Tennessee with my business partner has taken up the majority of the time I would normally spend on the Jeep.

Currently the LJ is up on the lift awaiting the new Dana Ultimate 60 axles, Rock Krawler custom steering setup and control arms, and new Raceline Monster beadlocks with 40” tires. This week the Artec trusses and link mounts will be burned on so that I can get all of my measurements for the other components.

My goal is to have it rolling by Crawling for Reid on March 23rd at Adventure Off Road Park so we will see if I make that deadline.

Either way I will be wheeling an entirely new setup this year an look forward to pushing the LJ harder than I have been able to in the past.

Where are your top wheeling locations?

We are blessed here in Tennessee to be within a short driving distance of a dozen or so great wheeling spots. Windrock Park and Adventure Off Road are pretty high on my list.

Obviously Moab is the number one spot if I had to only choose one but I have many new locations on my bucket list.

Wheeling out West is an incredible experience but the difficulty and technical side of the terrain here on the East Coast, especially in the Southeast, is much higher due to our lack of traction and the overall conditions we are forced to deal with. It’s just a different type wheeling here for sure but I love both and good Lord willing will be able to enjoy this hobby and now business for many more years.