Featured Build: Jeepnamedhavok

This week we chat with Drew Hyman about his build, Havok, and how he makes a living doing what he loves most at Off-Road Mafia.

What got you into the Jeep community?

I bought my first Jeep at 18. It was a CJ7. I developed a love for driving a Jeep as a young adult, V8 swapped it and learned to wrench on it!

Later in life, we have owned quite a few Jeeps, and currently, own 2. Three and half years ago Off-Road Mafia was born to attempt to make a living doing what we love.

And we love making this living!

What are the best parts on your Jeep and why did you choose them?

Havok was built on a TV show in May of 2017 using Rusty’s Offroad long arm kit, Falken Tires, and TIS wheels. It’s a little bit older of a Jeep but still gets it done.

Watch for a huge update to Havok soon.

How does your role at ORM drive your build?

Owning a shop is great when you want to build your Jeep. I of course still have to pay for all of my parts, but getting it built on my schedule is certainly easier. It definitely helped out when building my wife’s Jeep, @misfit_the_jeep

What’s next for your build?

Next up on Havok will be coilovers, axles and 40” or 42” tires. Having a cage is incredibly important, so we will be installing a cage as well. Then add some relaxing seats and we will be all set! At least for a few weeks, right??

What is your all-time favorite wheeling experience?

My favorite wheeling experience – I have a bucket list of places to wheel, and we will get to knock some of those off this year.

But truly watching my wife wheel her own Jeep for the first time was pretty cool.

Putting both of my boys behind the wheel is a close second.