Featured Build: Jeepster McJeepFace

**This week we chat with our featured build, Jeepster McJeepFace, about his versatile 1973 Jeepster Commando! **

What made you want to start with a Jeepster/Commando instead of a wrangler?

I grew up in a YJ. Our Jeep back in Germany was a 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ on 35’s. My Dad’s Jeep now here in the states is also a YJ.

During a trip to Moab, UT with my dad, we were sitting in the local Dinner, facing the parking lot outside. All of the sudden a completely rusted-out Jeepster Commando parked right in front of the Diner. Once I figured out what I was looking at I knew – that’s going to be the Jeep I wheel in one day.

I was always more attracted to older Jeeps like the CJ 7’s and CJ 8’s

The Jeepster has the same kind of character but the longer & slanted back with the drop down tailgate gave it just enough weirdness for me to build one.

What is your favorite part of the build?

The fact that I can enter it in a car show, beat on it on the trails, and drive it down the highway like a sporty SUV.

How long did it take start to finish?

5 Years and 3 different shops.
The last one (Green Country Off-Road) took 18 month to build it out of a pile of cut up body panels, a TJ frame & a Hemi.

Are there any other modifications you want to add to the build?

No major changes – just fine tuning and maintenance.

Maybe build some sort of top for it one day.
I’d also like to repaint it and powder coat some parts within the next year or so.

Where are your favorite places to wheel?

  • Red River Gorge / Slade – Kentucky
  • Windrock – Tennessee
  • Sand Mines – Tennessee
  • Moab – Utah
  • I want to check out Sand Hollow!