Featured Build: Tokinjew

**This week we chat with Adam Green from RIPP Superchargers about his Action Truck conversion, Tokinjew, and his plans for his new JL. **

What Started the Build?

Well, I guess the real start to the build would be in July of 2012. At the time, I was working full-time at Precision Tuning in NJ, before I started working at RIPP Superchargers (I still work nights at PT). I was driving a 2007 Subaru WRX STI, and I kept driving past the Jeep dealer.

I finally went in on lunch, test drove a Crush 2 door, came back, and what would be my 2012 Gecko JKU was being backed off of a delivery truck.

I looked at the salesman, said that’s the one, and the rest is history.

I have always wanted a Jeep, since I was a kid. I still have a lot of my Hot Wheels Jeeps from back then – it started young, haha! But my true inspiration behind my build when I first went down the modification rabbit hole, was a build by Poison Spyder. It was a Gecko JKU, and I said to myself, YUP, I want to build mine something like that, and well, again, the rest is history.

What made you decide to do the Action Truck conversion?

Well, I always liked the JK8, but couldn’t justify to myself the hefty price tag that came along with it. My buddy Keith had shown it to me, and well, I fell in love.

The greatest aspect of the action truck conversion is that you are not “stuck” with it. It is 100% reversible in about a days work back to a full 4 door JKU. Couple that along with the bargain (compared to the JK8) and I was sold.

The Jeep really took the final step last winter when the Rock Krawler Trail Gunner and Currie RJ60s went under it along with the 41.5 Pitbulls. When I fist picked it up from Fatbody Customs, my jaw hit the floor, and my dream Jeep was sitting in front of me.

What is your favorite part of owning such a unique Jeep?

Well, I guess mainly because it is just that. There are so many crazy awesome builds out there, each of them unique as well, I’d never think twice about taking my keys over any others.

My favorite part is that it’s mine. Building this Jeep led me to meeting so many new people, building a lot of new friendships and going places all over the country.

It has been quite the ride!

We notice it’s for sale, what’s next for you?

Yes, it is in fact for sale. I recently purchased a 2018 JLU Rubicon, the J18 tribute that was in our SEMA booth this past year. It is the first JL to have our RIPP Supercharger system installed on it. It was our in-house development vehicle for the soon to be released JL program.

I took the JK off the road for the winter, prepping it for one last hoorah at EJS. I was driving this JLUR around, and I just fell in love. The JL is such an amazing platform. The way it drives, the 8 speed transmission, the power from the RIPP Supercharger, the interior, it’s everything I wanted in my next vehicle purchase.

It is currently being torn down and rebuilt at Offroad Mafia down in Georgia, being prepped to go to EJS as well. Really looking forward to this build, but more on that at a later date. EJS CRUNCH!

What are your must go to events of the year?

The events I will be going to this year will be:

  • Easter Jeep Safari 4/13-21 Moab, UT
  • Bantam Jeep Festival 6/7-9 Butler, PA
  • All Breeds Jeep Fest 7/20-21 York, PA
  • Ocean City Jeep Week 8/22-25 OC, MD
  • Great American Jeep Rally 9/14 Ellington, CT
  • Jeeps in the Vineyard 11/2 Shamong, NJ

There might be a few other local events that I will go to, but this is what is planned currently.