Featured Build: rde2rok

This week we chat with John Patrick about his build, rde2rok. His build started out as a bone stock Sport X model but needing a more capable rig, it eventually transformed into one of the baddest wheeling machines in the country.

What made you start with a 2 door over a 4 door?

That one is simple! I chose a 2 door for the size. I think a 4 door is just too big for tight obstacles. Especially here in Arizona!

what was the original build plan?

There was no original build plan!

I wanted a build for rock crawling but with each build it wasn’t at the level I wanted to be at. So I learned with each level.

RDE2ROK started completely stock, then I installed a Teraflex 3″ short arm suspension and 35″ tall tires but I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be enough for the trails that were becoming my favorites!

how did your build evolve into what it is now?

After the initial Teraflex suspension, I decided to take it a step further with a 4.5” Trailmaster Long Arm suspension. Even though I still had stock axles, it was built as strong as it could be ( I know, how strong can a D30 be? ) it was sleeved, gusseted, RCVs, ARB and 5:13s and I still bent the housing! That was it for me!

So it was time to do it right.

Only the best and strongest went into this build as it sits now, which includes beefy Dynatrac axles, custom suspension, coilovers and 42” Pitbull Rocker tires!

where is your favorite place to wheel in RDE2ROK?

My favorite trails are in Parker, AZ and Moab, UT. The trails in both are tight, technical and very tough. They challenge you at every climb and turn and there is no room for error or damage is inevitable.

what is your advice for those who are just starting their builds and look to yours for inspiration?

The best advice I can give to someone just starting from a stock rig is,

Do nothing right away.

Go out with other jeeps and see for yourself what you want to do. Trail riding, Overlanding, Rock Crawling… these jeeps are all set up different. Do what you want, not where others guide you, and build accordingly. Spend the money and do it right or you will waste money redoing it.