Featured Build: Jeepin Bubba

This week we want to spotlight something a little different. LJ builds are seeming more and more rare, especially ones that are incredibly well built! Whether you know him as Brad or Bubba, or have seen his YouTube Channel JeepinBubba, one thing is for certain; He is building one of our favorite LJ’s right now and blending the line between an overlander and rock crawler.

What started your love for the jeeps and the off-road world?

I was a broke, newly married college student working full-time and my pickup truck broke down. So out of convenience I bought a 2WD XJ for $800 from a friend. It had over 200K miles, mud tires in the back and highway tires in the front. I mean really it was a ratty old Jeep.

I ran a few trails in it and quickly realized I needed upgrades. From there, I was hooked.

How many jeeps have you had?


  • 5 Cherokees (XJ)
  • 2 Grand Cherokees (WJ, WK)
  • 1 1983 Mail Jeep (DJ)
  • 4 Wranglers (YJ, JK, TJ, LJ)
  • 1 Cherokee Trail Hawk (KL)

Which jeep has been the all-time favorite?

I have the most memories and best wheeling trips in the JK and my last XJ,

but if I could have one back it would be the Mail Jeep.

What is Black Bear Off-Road?

Black Bear Off-Road is a company I started almost 2 years ago. We call ourselves Adventure Off-Road Outfitters, so basically we sell aftermarket parts such as lift kits, bumpers, winch, etc as well as overland/camping gear such as knives, cook ware, cooler, fridges, and all sort of survival gear. Our big thing is that we only sell products that we use or that we would use, and we push quality first.

We have a website blackbearoff-road.com, and warehouse/office in Buford, GA where were also do installs on an appt only basis. We are planning to expand full retail and a larger install area in the next 2 years.

What are your go to magazines and places to get inspired on your own build?

Besides Revkit, I am a big fan of S3 Mag. I also spend way too much time on YouTube just watching anything with a Jeep or Toyota.

I try to learn from failures and success of myself and others on what to run on my own Jeeps.

I also find it is worth saving and waiting for that more expensive part, even if it takes time, its almost always worth the wait.

What advice do you have for anyone just getting into jeeps or starting their build?

Take your Jeep offroad stock at least once. It is amazing what Jeeps can do in stock form, and it will give you a good idea of where you need to improve going forward.