Featured Build: Revelator JL

**Caleb Forbes has spent several years working in the automotive industry and immersing himself in the Jeep community. Now with REVKIT, Caleb travels the country attending Jeep events with his awesome build, Revelator JL, and doing what he loves most. **

How did you first get started in the Jeep world?

It all started when I was 16 and decided to buy a 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ.

I remember seeing pictures of my dad driving a CJ and telling him that I wanted a Jeep and wanted to build it up with big tires and a big engine as a fun project with him.

While driving a Chevy Cavalier, I worked and saved religiously to buy the YJ. Unfortunately my dad passed away before I got it. Little did I know, this would ignite the spark that is still with me today as an automotive enthusiast.

What is your background in the automotive industry and how did you start working with REVKIT?

Through college, I worked my way up from parts sales at Autozone to working for RubiTrux in Boone NC as the online sales and marketing manager. I wanted to experience the manufacturing side of things and got the job as tech and customer support at JCR Offroad.

From there, I decided to move back to my home state of NC and continue my role at RubiTrux where I met Mike and Dan from REVKIT and was later offered a job as the Community Manager! This was perfect timing as I was getting frustrated with sitting at a desk all day and wanted to do more with my career and in the Jeep industry as well.

Now, thanks to REVKIT and its amazing supporters, I get to travel the country and meet everyone who supports us! Being able to be myself and help REVKIT progress has truly been the most rewarding experience of my life overall.

How did your Jeep get its name and what are some recent upgrades you have made to it?

I knew when I got the JL that I wanted to tie it into REVKIT somehow.

I heard a song from Sons Of Anarchy titled John The Revelator and instantly thought REVELATOR was a kick-ass name and it stuck!

The most current updates are Cav Fab Motorsports bumpers and spare delete, 40″ Gladiator Tires, 17″ Dirty Life Beadlock wheels and a 15 lb Power Tank! The next step in evolution will be bigger axles to handle whatever terrain I want to conquer.

Where are your favorite places to wheel?

My favorite place I have ever wheeled is Moab, Utah. It’s a Jeep owner’s paradise and lives up to its reputation as a mecca for off road enthusiasts. My favorite trails are Hell’s Revenge and Rusty Nail.

Other than those, I love Windrock in Tennessee, Drummon Island in Michigan and the trails I grew up on.

What are your favorite Jeep events?

For me, Jeep events are just as much as the folks who attend them as the event itself.

I love Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep Beach and the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion for these very reasons, but was fortunate to see a few other events like King Of The Hammers and Jeepin With Judd this year that I really enjoyed!