Top 5 LJ’s On REVKIT

**LJ’s are becoming harder and harder to find in the wild, and well built LJ’s are almost like unicorns. You think you see one, get really excited and believe they exist and then get let down when the next couple of Jeeps are TJ’s, JK’s and JL’s. Well REVKIT fam, we found not one but FIVE unicorns for you! **


We featured Sulley as a build of the week and it still stands strong as one of our favorite LJ’s on the platform. With a massive LSX engine, Turbo AND 40’s its got a lot to love. Not to mention Pete brings his personal rig out to wheel all over the country. The custom Subaru World Rally Blue really sets it off, and we aren’t even mad at all the matching paint.



There isn’t much LJ left of this rig, but it definitely still classifies. The factory inline 6 just wasnt enough, so this rig is rocking a chevy based V8 with tons and 40s! This LJ also has a full cage, custom suspension and some fender upgrades to push this beast to its limits off road.


The Trail Reaper

The Trail Reaper is a prime example of when a build comes together perfectly with an end goal end mind. Scott had a few things in mind when he wanted to build this rig. He wanted to wheel at the Hammers, go as fast as possible in the desert and still be road legal. From this came a fire breathing supercharged LJ Rubicon on 42” tall tires, custom suspension coupled with bypass shocks AND a badass full cage for protection. This is one rig that you might want to think twice about before following up a trail.



Built by CrawlTek Revolution, Ledge is also a rare Rubicon. The guys at CrawlTek Revolution outfitted this Jeep with their new hi line fenders and armor, Rock Krawler Trail Hero suspension, 42” BFG tires and 20” beadlocks. We love the combination of silver and orange and cant wait to see this beast out on the trail!


Red Rubi

Not only does the color stand out to us, but this build still looks fairly tame.. At first glance. After digging through the pictures and seeing the King coilovers, bypass shocks, wheelbase stretch and 40s, its clear that this rig was designed to wheel. And from the pictures on the build page, it does just that. This beast is also rocking a custom suspension, Currie Rock Jock 60 axles and big brakes to make sure those 40s stop on a dime.