Top 5 V8 Jeeps on REVKIT

**For some, an inline 6 or v6 is enough. For others, it’s not even close. This week we take a look at some awesome builds that are rocking 8 cylinders! **

Blue Waffle JKU

What’s better than a 6.4L SRT Hemi? How about a RIPP Supercharged 6.4L SRT Hemi?!
This incredible Hydro Blue JKU has a pretty awesome combination on 42” tall Pitbull tires. This Jeep was built by Karnage Motorsports under the guidance of Eddie Barba and is also rocking a Rock Krawler suspension with King coilovers.



If a full size Jeep isn’t cool enough, how about a full size jeep with a modern 5.7L Hemi? The man, myth, and our favorite spikey-haired TV show host Ian Johnson built LockJaw to a one of a kind wheeling beast. We love the combination of modern and classic and how Ian brings this rig around the country to wheel some of the hardest terrain in the country!



YJ’s are the one Wrangler model that most either love or hate. We LOVE this one. Not only is it one of the more well built YJ’s we have seen, its rocking a 6.0 Chevy v8 out of a Cadillac Escalade. Paired with the engine swap, it’s rocking a custom coilover and linked suspension, Currie Rock Jock 60s and 40” tall Cooper STT Pro Tires.


Hellhound JK

We love a solid two-door build! This one looks killer with a 6.4L Hemi and custom tune to make it scream. Being a two-door, this Jeep weighs in about 500 lbs lighter than the four-door making it a rocket ship from hell. Paired with this Hemi are 42” Pitbull tires on 20” Beadlocks, Rock Krawler suspension and an Atlas transfer case to make this rig go anywhere its pointed.



Wrangler V8 conversions are definitely the more popular, but an unsung hero of the Jeep community is the XJ. This one in particular caught our attention with its built LS1 engine out of a Camaro with tons of work done to it. What also makes this Cherokee pretty incredible is its custom suspension one-ton axles, and 40” tall Nitto tires.