Caleb’s Take on the iDrive

If you have a 2007 or newer Jeep, you have probably noticed one of the most annoying drawbacks of a fly-by-wire throttle. Throttle lag happens when the gas pedal is pushed down, but the signal sent to the ECU is inherently delayed which also causes a delayed throttle response. In simple terms, you press the gas pedal down and nothing happens for almost a full second. Jeeps are not known for their race car like speed, but they definitely don’t have to be even slower than they already are!

Throttle response controllers have been common in the Jeep market, however they are definitely not created equally. The guys at iDrive engineered an incredible solution that makes it easier than ever to adjust the throttle response to your liking!


When I heard about the best throttle controller on the market, I knew I had to get one to try.

In December of 2018 I met up with Chris Meehan and Meredith Meehan from iDrive at the Unlimited Off Road Show in Atlanta to finally get some first hand experience. We put it in my 2018 turbo JL to see just how much it would change the response as I have had experience with other controllers already.

After 6 months with the iDrive, I have definitely been thrilled with it. With the iDrive, not only was it easy to control and dial in, but each setting was noticeably different. The Eco modes slow the response down which is great for being on the rocks where you dont want immediate throttle response bouncing you around. The Ultimate Modes range from u1-u9 with u9 commonly being referred as Fun9… and for good reason! Dialed all the way up, Caleb’s 2.0 Turbo JL became a rocket ship and immediately had the power where it mattered most.

A full smoky burnout on 40s may convince you as well.

If you are tired of waiting on your Jeep to finally catch up when you hit the gas pedal, the guys (and gals) at iDrive have exactly what you need. They love seeing the support from the Jeep community as well as give back to several charities and off road events throughout the year! Find them at a Jeep show near you or find a buddy who has already unleashed the power in their Jeep to see what all the buzz is about!

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