Featured Build: MojitoJLRubicon

This week we sit down and chat with James Anderson who owns MojitoJLRubicon! Take a look at what got him into his first Jeep.

what got you into the offroad industry?

I’ve always been involved in the automotive scene, mainly with drag racing and other go fast stuff.

But I’ve secretly been eyeing Jeeps for a while now.

When they released the new JL Wrangler last year I fell in love. I am still new to the OffRoad scene, but I’m learning quickly. I’ve met so many amazing Jeepers that have helped me learn and guided me along the way.

what made you want to buy a Mojito JL?

When I saw the Mojito color at the Chicago Auto Show last year I was instantly in love. I love wild colored vehicles that grab attention and Jeep nailed this Mojito color. I came home from the show and told my wife(@mojitojlchick) that we needed a Mojito Jeep, and the rest is history.

what is your favorite modification so far and why?

I’ve had so many that we love, and I’ve been lucky to work with some great companies this past year but I’ve got to say that,

Our iDrive Throttle Controller has been amazing.

It’s such a simple device, that you almost don’t know you need until you drive with it. Now that I’ve had it on my Jeep and my Duramax Silverado, I can’t imagine driving without it. The extra giddy-up it adds to the throttle response makes the driving experience so much better.

where is your favorite place to wheel?

Being new to the OffRoad world, I have only had the opportunity to try out Badlands OffRoad Park in Indiana. It was the perfect place to get my feet wet, literally, and learn some of the techniques for wheeling.

My wife and I love road tripping so I know we will be traveling to the best places in the United States for wheeling adventures. Moab is definitely at the top of our bucket list.

what are the next round of upgrades to the Mojito JL?

I’ve been eyeing the Motor City Aftermarket bumpers and rock rails, and now that I’ve had a taste for wheeling I’ve begun researching some protection for underneath the Jeep.

I want to be better prepared next time the MojitoJeep gets dirty!