Featured Build: JLRubiTron

This week we take a look at Todd Holzwarth’s build JLRubiTron and get a glimpse of building a rig that went from rocks to the SEMA showroom floor!

What made you get a JL?

Besides the fact it’s the hottest vehicle on the market? Well, I jumped away from building American Sports cars and purchased a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and built it to a level that was not yet done on a WK2 Platform.

It was a full 4” one-off coilover lift, full armor, 34s, RIPP Supercharged, etc. It was an amazing rig, for what it was…but I quickly learned that as capable as it was, it had its limitations.

It was time to buy and build a proper Jeep.

What was the process behind designing your JL?

For me, the JL was in desperate need of my creativity. The Wrangler world in general is filled with a lot of the same looks, with just slight variance from one persons taste to another.

I immediately knew it needed a look that wouldn’t easily be replicated.

I sent out the red Rubicon dash to a few vinyl wrap companies to see if it could be recreated and that’s where it began. From there it was down to choosing the best of the best when it came to parts. Everything on the Jeep was chosen for a reason. Every manufacturer that I worked with, I trusted in their parts to bring me the daily driver of my dreams and to be able to tackle far more than I was even willing to do with it at the time.

What has been your favorite part of the build so far?

The best part of the build never happens, and never ends.

Each time I make a change, I’m excited. It becomes a little bit more “me”, and it becomes a little bit better.

If I had to pick something, I’d go back to the vinyl wrap. We spent a ton of time pin striping all of the edges of the vehicle with knifeless tape to bring a “Tron” feel to it by exposing the oem Granite Crystal Metallic paint in just the right places. Far and away this is the most talked about feature of the build and the thing that draws people in to see the rest of the customization.

Where are your favorite places to wheel?

Sedona Arizona is not my backyard, but its only 90 minutes away. The backdrop and scenery of that beautiful land, the red rocks, the energy…it’s simply amazing. While there is nothing there that challenges a JL Rubicon, it’s extremely beautiful and fun. I go there any chance I get.

This year was also my very first time to Moab, Utah. It quickly became the place of my dreams and I cannot wait to get back there and continue to challenge myself and my build.

What is next for your build?

I am beginning another build as we speak. A JT Gladiator. I plan and expect this build to be even more extreme and personalized, so for the short term my RubiTron is staying the same. Long term, I truly do want to get a Hellcat swap completed. We’ll see.