BobalinaJolie’s REVKIT Road to Jeep Quest And Expo: Part 2

Part 2:

Powered By RIPP Superchargers with Yokohoma Tires, Free Spirit Recreation, REVKIT and Engel Coolers

As I depart from Madison, WI my next stop is Bismark, ND. This is pretty exciting to me because North Dakota is one of the few states I had left to check off my list of places I haven’t been!

Along the way, my goal is to meet new Jeepers and see some familiar faces as well. As I drove through Minnesota, I had the opportunity to meet up with Christopher Frizzell. For those of you who don’t know Chris, he is a passionate Jeeper, who loves what he does, and has a pretty awesome Ripp Supercharged 3.8 JKU. Chris and I met through the offroad community and have seen each other at plenty events around the country.

As I pass through his hometown, he organized a small group of friends to introduce me to and snap a couple pics! This was all incredibly short notice to Chris. The fact they took the time out of their busy Friday to wait for me to zoom down the interstate and stop and say hey was so cool to see. If you don’t know Chris, you can find him on Instagram @snakeeaterjku.

Now I’m on the home stretch to Bismark. First I’ve got one more stop to make and that is in a tiny little town called Fargo, ND. Through Instagram I had a young man named Andy Pieter reach out and say I should swing through Fargo, he would love to see the build. So I happily obliged!

I arrived in Fargo to be greeted by Andy and his buddy Grant. These guys are only 18 and 19 but they both have Jeeps and modified ford F-150’s. After speaking to Andy and Grant for a minute I had each one of them get behind the wheel of my Jeep and ripp it down the interstate. The ear to ear smiles made that detour completely worth it. One of the most humbling things I’ve heard in a while came from Andy’s buddy, when he stood in shock looking at my Jeep and said,

WOW, never in my life did I think I’d see a SEMA vehicle rolling through little Fargo, ND.”

Great to meet you fellas!