Featured Build: Tokinjew 2.0

**This week we chat with Adam Green about Tokinjew 2.0, his new JL that he had zero intentions of purchasing. But thanks to the RIPP Supercharger (that he had a hand in developing) installed in the JL, he couldn’t help but fall in love. **

What made you choose a JL for your next build?

Haha, I laugh because I had literally ZERO intentions of purchasing a JL.

Then, I drove my JL before it was mine, before it was really built, with our Ripp Supercharger installed, and it was honestly all downhill from there. It literally took me 1 ride home the long way and I had fallen head over heals for the platform. It is an amazing machine. Jeep got it right with the JL.

What was so special about THIS JL?

Well, this JL in particular, once upon a time, was a little red stock Rubicon. What makes THIS JL special to me in particular was the fact that it is the first JL in the world to be fitted with our RIPP Supercharging system.

What makes it even more special to me besides that fact is that I have been working at RIPP since 2013, and this is the FIRST wrangler system I was able to have a hand in developing, as the JK systems were already rolling out the door before I worked here. These 2 reasons are a huge part in why I decided to purchase this JL.

What was it like wheeling for the first time in Moab?

Moab, haha. Well, as a Moab newb, the best way I can explain it is this, Moab is like the craziest roller coaster you have ever been on, at 2 MPH, with some of the most amazing views I have ever been witness to.

It is the most awesome, insane, fun, heart pounding anxiety driven wheeling I have ever done.

First trail I was on was Rusty Nail/Golden Spike at dusk into the night. No left turn is white knuckle, haha. There were things I was comfortable attempting, and things I was not, but I had great teachers, I learned a ton, and had an absolute blast. I’m still amazed how capable the JL is on a 3.5 mid arm.

What is your favorite part of the JL build so far?

I don’t know that I have ONE favorite part to the build. The build as a whole is my favorite part. The JL is such a radically different, opposite end of the spectrum build than my JK, which is what I wanted.

It is the best of every world, drives like a dream on the street, has power for days, and tackled Moab without issue. Again, quality parts from the likes of Rock Krawler, Motobilt, Raceline, Maxxis, Steersmarts, Falcon Shocks make the build what it is.

I guess my favorite part is that it is everything I wanted in my next vehicle, even if I didn’t plan on my next vehicle being another Jeep.

What’s next for it?

No major plans currently (notice I said currently haha), the build is just a month old, so I am just enjoying it. I will be attending some shows, NJ Jeep Invasion coming up in a few weeks, PA Jeeps All Breeds, Ocean City Jeep Week, there are a few others as well. Few little things I will be adding in between, but for the most part, its just hop in and enjoy it.