BobalinaJolie’s REVKIT Road to Jeep Quest And Expo: Part 4

Part 4:

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It is time to leave Bend, Oregon after spending a couple days at Freespirit Recreation and time to head to Overland Expo West!

My first stop was supposed to be Death Valley in California. However, the plans changed a bit when I ran out of fuel 1 mile from the gas station at midnight in a little tiny town called Tonopah in Nevada. I missed how far the next town was and tried to get as close as I could! No worries though, a friendly police officer, a ride to the gas station in the back of the squad car and a new 5 gallon fuel container did the trick to get me moving again.

I rolled into Las Vegas at about 10am the next day and decided to explore around the city for a bit. Even though it was a short stop, I took the opportunity to see the famous Las Vegas sign and take a couple pictures on the strip. The highlight was driving just outside Vegas to the Hoover Dam on the way to Flagstaff.

The Hoover Dam is one incredible sight.

I’ve always wanted to see it and since it only took about an hour of my time to park, walk to some view points and snap some pictures, it was so worth it. Looking to the bottom of the dam was awe-inspiring and the engineering it took to build the structure is incredible.

I departed from the Hoover Dam and headed to Arizona. Once in Flagstaff, I was greeted by my buddy Chase from Adventure Overland. He had his own little adventure, having driven from Texas to hangout and camp with me and help in the Ripp booth for the show!

Chase and I enjoy adventuring, so naturally we found a cool spot about 10 miles from the campground called Cinders OHV area. What is so cool about this place is when you enter the grounds, the trails you are riding on consist of broken up volcanic rock and you end up on top of an old Volcano after a very steep hill climb.

The wind was so wicked that it was hard to snap any pics because my feet were sliding across the ground. It was definitely an awesome experience wheeling with Chase in his well-built Toyota Tacoma Truck. After comparing the Tacoma to the JL, one of the most memorable things he said to me after riding in my Jeep though was,

“WOW man, riding in this thing is like riding in a giant side by side! This is cool!”

The scenic part of the trip concluded with my arrival to Flagstaff.

With so much time on the road, it’s easy to get deep in thought, and this trip was no different. As I departed Flagstaff after Overland Expo West, I came to the conclusion that life really is what you make it. Driving around the country in my Jeep with half doors and camping everywhere was definitely a unique trip.

For the rest of my life the United States will just feel like a big playground to me.

This country has a lot to offer for everyone, and if you just get up one day and start driving, add in a couple cool stops and leave the rest up to “wherever the road takes me,” you will find that things can get pretty exciting.

**Get out, explore, adventure and dream. **