Featured Build: Elevated JKL

What is a JKL?

The JKL conversion is used on 2 door JKs to increase the wheelbase as well as tub size. In order to do this, the tub and frame are cut behind the B-pillar and roughly 10 inches of body and frame are added. In my case, the JKL conversion combined with the suspension stretch we were able to add almost 18 inches of stretch to the jeep making the wheelbase around 114 inches which is perfect for wheeling!

What made you decide to stretch your jk?

I decided to do this type of stretch to my JK after doing a 6 inch Rock Krawler suspension stretch and just feeling the jeep needed a little more for the type of wheeling that we like to do. We were able to add leg room for the kids but also increase storage behind the seat so it’s kind of a win-win!

What else was added during the conversion, and how long did it take?

The jeep has been in an ongoing build process since purchasing it in 2015. The conversion took roughly 5 months before getting it to our shop, Elevated Offroad, in March to finish EJS prep. During this last part of the build the following was added to the jeep:

  • Artec 4 door Aluminum skids (modified for stretch)
  • Artec 4 door Sliders (modified for stretch)
  • Artec Truss, Towers, and Mounts
  • Rock Krawler Coilovers
  • JKL Conversion
  • Flo-Built Custom Aluminum Corners
  • Flo-Built Custom Grill
  • Flo-Built Custom Nardo Gray Paint Complete Paint Job
  • JeepWorks Rear Cage
  • OffRoadOnly ORO SwayLoc (modified for stretch)
  • Highbeam Offroad full lighting package including headlights, spots, fogs, bars, rock lights
  • Poison Spyder Trailgate
  • Maxxis 42″ Trep Stickies
  • Raceline Monster Beadlocks
  • Warn 10k Platinum Winch
  • Factor55 Ultrahook and other rigging goodies
  • PRP Seats, Harnesses, and Rear seat covers
  • JCR Offroad front fenders

In any build there are always those people that help along the way. These people and companies deserve alot of credit when it comes to this build and where its at today. Huge thanks to everyone that helped make this build happen!

Where have you been off-roading since the conversion was completed?

We’ve wheeled all over the country with it! A few places has been:

  • Moab, UT
  • Hawk Pride Offroad Park
  • Adventure Offroad Park
  • Windrock

How has your wheeling style, or lines you’ve taken changed with the conversion?

My wheeling style hasn’t changed nearly as much as i thought it would. The added wheelbase has helped tremendously with off camber obstacles, as well as inclines and declines. Hands down the jeep is just way more stable, comfortable, and capable after the JKL conversion and the last set of upgrades.