Everything you need to know about Lite Brite’s badass rig, Stepchild.

First, a little on who is LiteBrite?

##It all starts with a stock Jeep!

LiteBrite testing out their stock JL.

Carnage Canyon, now thats a real test for a stock JL!

What LiteBrites loves about thier JL.

…and what they hate about their JL… 😈

Their JL gets big tires.

Suspension lift in full detail.

Installing rock sliders.

Shock Installation.

Time to test that flex!

Axel upgrade, part 1 of 2.

Big V8 swap coming in hot!

The HEMI is alive!

Axel upgrade, part 2 of 2 💪

Stepchild gets a new shaft.

A few more goodies.

That’s a wrap!