Armoring-up your Jeep Wrangler JL with Motobilt

If you’re reading this chances are you might be curious about armor for your Jeep Wrangler JL or JLU and not sure what to get or where to look. I get it, been there, there’s a lot to choose from and it’s a tough decision. But hopefully, this quick read will help you.

When searching for what armor to run on @reverendkit I heard that Motobilt was a brand to seriously consider. Typically how I like to learn more about something like this is I try to get familiar with the manufacturer, understand who they are to see the dedication and passion for their craft. With Motobilt they looked like a great company with good people and the craftsmanship was superb.

I also want to see the products in full detail and installed, not on a eCommerce website with a white background and some pixaled shadows…I want “real life” use. Beaten, scraped, dinged etc… Because at first everything looks great, but what about after the 1000th time it’s been bashed against a boulder…that’s what really matters. (Pro Tip: if want to see those “real life” photos, search for a product on REVKIT and you’ll see real people doing some real shit with what they buy)

First, let’s talk about those Motobilt Bumpers

Ok, so we all know choosing the right set of bumpers is like walking up and down the aisle at a shoe store…so many choices, different shapes, comforts, purposes, etc…and so narrowing your choices takes some examination. The entire basis of the whole armor setup for @reverendkit was hinged on the bumpers, so they had to be badass.

When it comes to armor all of it must look like one cohesive unit.

The Motobilt Crusher Bumper with Bull Bar stood out from the others as A) it looks friggin’ awesome, B) it is strong as hell, and C) it looked great with other Motobilt parts. Added bonus, the mid sized bull bar is spot on.

Now the installation of the back bumper is simple…just a few bolts and you’re done. But the front is slightly different as it’s heavier and little bulkier, but still fairly simple. (Pro Tip: depending on the size of your winch you should consider pre-installing it to the bumper before mounting to the Jeep as there isn’t much room for your hands once it’s on the Jeep)

Like it? Go buy it here:

Motobilt Rocker Guards

A functional and sleek Rocker Guard is a very imporant and I think Motobilt really nailed it with this design inherited back from the JK style.

The overall design and attention to detail is awesome, and the lines of the vertical rocker guards flow well with the shape of the body to create a more natural/OEM look. Also, the rocker guard can create some opportunities for personalization if you want, just check out Sergeantcrushs REVKIT and you’ll see the the “LS3” cut out on the side.

As for strength these are truly great…they’ve been bounced, slammed and ground off of so many rocks it’s ridiculous.

At one point the JL was perched up aginst a massive boulder and they still did not break or bend…see pic below (that photo is from the side, not the top 😞)

Now for installation, I reccomend having it done by your local Jeep shop (shoutout to 4WP! on Federal here in Denver) as there are several holes that need to be drilled into the body panels so having an experienced technition do the install will eliminate the possibility of screwing up and having an extra hole to two in the body of your Jeep. While these are a little more difficult to put on…they are very easy to take off and can be done in just a couple minutes (faster than the front bumper) in case you’re ever wanting to do a deep clean on your Jeep or get them re-powdercoated.

Buy it here:

Motobilt Diff Cover

A heavier duty diff cover is a no brainer, espeically if you’re running the stock Dana 44 axel in the JL and don’t have immediate plans to do a heavier duty axel swap. That little extra strengh in one of the most precesious areas of your drivetrain can go a long ways. If you take your rig on some more serious trails you’re going to drag, slide and grind the diff…better be safe than sorry.

This sort of stuff can happen at any time:

…here’s another pic from that same day just for your entertainment:

…more to come on ^ that later.

Get your diff cover:

Motobilt Spare Tire Delete

Ok, true story here…’twas the night before Easter Jeep Safari, when all through the house none of my kids were stirring, not even my wife…meanwhile I was out in the garage installing the Motobilt Spare Tire Delete kit. (Pro Tip: if you’re powdercoating the delete kit make sure to get the bolts blasted and coated as well since they have existing paint on them and can scratch a little during installation.

So why no spare tire carrier?

Much preferred the look of not having the big bulky spare tire on the back and did not want the extra weight…a 40″ tire and wheel is close to 100lbs. Also, any help with the departure angle and I’m all for it.

Overall, the Motobilt armor setup has help up very, very well and still looks great. Sure, it needs a fresh powdercoat but that’s ok. If you’re in the market for some armor for your JL you should really consider what Motobilt has to offer!