Freezing a 2021 Ford Bronco With Santa Claus | Bronco Nation

In 1968, Ford froze the original Ford Bronco and Santa Claus stopped by Dearborn and checked out Ford Product Development’s cold room labs to ensure the “Goes Over All Terrain 4×4” was ready for his needs. Unfortunately, those pictures never were used in any marketing material for Ford but remained only in the archives.
Today, Ford is remaking this never-before-seen classic. Pictured in the remake, Santa is now back in the 30-degree below-zero cold room with a 2021 Bronco 2-door Outer Banks with Sasquatch Package, Brush Bar and Modular Front Bumper. Of course, the ice-covered Gen VI Bronco is lacquered in holiday-fitting Race Red clear coat.
Jon Melton from Bronco Nation went behind the scenes and captured some video from the day. Hope you all enjoy.