A Bronco Story: John Link-The Story Behind One of the Coolest Broncos on the Planet

Wild Horses Bronco TV introduces a new series “A Bronco Story”
There are so many Bronco stories out there. Some stories are funny, some are crazy, some are stories of death-defying feats accomplished by Bronco owners. John Link’s story is one that not too many people could tell. We reached out to John and he was willing to tell his story in hopes that it would encourage others out there with their own rigs.

Eleven years ago, John Link and his son, Dustin, bought a 1972 Ford Bronco U14. Dustin was fifteen at the time, and it seemed like he worked on his Bronco with every spare second that he had. He worked with his dad continuously in the barn for about a year to build his dream Bronco. After having his license for a couple months after turning sixteen, Dustin passed away unexpectedly. With the loss hovering over, John could not bring himself to work on the rig anymore. It sat in the back yard with a tarp over it for a year. One day, four very close friends of Dustin came over, and after debating John to let them work on the Bronco, John finally consented and eventually began working on it himself. Working on the rig proved to be a good healing process for everybody.

John’s daughter Sophie, eventually took interest in the Bronco and gave her own ideas of what she wanted to do with the Bronco. She added her own personality while keeping to the theme that Dustin would have wanted.

With the healing process having taken place, John’s greatest wish now is to use the Bronco and its story to encourage and inspire others with ideas of what they can do to their rigs.

Thank you John and Sophie Link for sharing your Bronco story on Wild Horses Bronco TV.