All New Rock Krawler Joint Raceways

Rock Krawler set out to redesign their joint raceways to improve ease of serviceability.
Their completely redesigned joint raceways feature designed in grease grooves, friction brakes and friction modifiers. Not only did this make their joints easier to service with conventional greases, it allowed them to make a tigher and longer lasting joints as well.

With the new raceways you can run up to a Grade 1 grease in our rebuildable track bar anti-wobble joints, 3/4” shank Krawler Joints and 7/8” shank Krawler Joints and up to a Grade 2 grease in the 1” shank Krawler Joints, 1.25” shank Krawler Joints and Pro Flex joints (frame side lower control arm joint).

It’s easy to tell what generation of raceway you have. All of the joints with new raceways have stainless steel set screws that hold the retainers in the joint housing as opposed to housings that hold the old raceways that have black oxide coated set screws.

For any questions you can contact Rock Krawler!