Easter Jeep Safari 2021


Feb, 3rd 2021 @ 11:21am mst

Here is the final word on the status of Easter Jeep Safari 2021 in Moab, Utha. Many people will still be there and we, REVKIT, plan to be there.

Easter Jeep Safari 2021 is cancleled. Please read the screenshots below:

If you’re on this page I’m sure you have heard the recent updates around Easter Jeep Safari 2021 event being “canceled” (which is still a bit gray)…

According to Mike Kelso, President of Red Rocks 4 Wheelers has said that event is officially NOT canceled just yet.

This is what is flying around social media which is causing the panic of sorts…

Here is the official statement from Red Rock 4-Wheeler, Inc. who hosts the Easter Jeep Safari event:
2/2/2021-RR4W official statement on current EJS event:

_We are currently in a holding pattern, due to Covid restrictions in permitting Special Events. We are working diligently with all parties involved for a positive EJS outcome. Please be patient as this a fluid situation. Your support is very much appreciated. _

You can view this official statement here:

Rory Irish from Moab Motorsports in Moab gives his thoughts on this news and what it means:

If anyone would like to write an email to voice their opinion about Easter Jeep Safari 2021 please do so by sending an email to the email addresses listed below. Voices make changes.

[email protected]
[email protected]

If you find important information please send a direct message to the REVKIT Facebook Page so we can review and update this article.


Most likely an official notice will be posted on the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc website:


Another thing to keep an eye on will be the City of Moab website linked below. If there are any restriction on housing, hotels, etc…it could be anncouned here:


The local newspaper, The Times-Independent could also have an update and more information on this:


As information continues to be released this article will be updated.

Dan Hart, REVKIT