2021 Ford Bronco Off-roading in desert & ride along

Chase Gentry gets the first look into the all new 2021 Ford Bronco. He was lucky enough to get a hardcore 45 min ride along in Johnson Valley California for King Of The Hammers. Pro driver Brian Finch with BFGoodrich mobbed them through sand, rock, silt, steep hill climbs, and more. The 2.3L with 6speed + 1 drivetrain on 33” tires was more than expected. They got to experience first hand ALL the GOAT modes and how impressive they are in several Offroad scenarios. The capability of the Bronco provides a ton confidence no matter if your a novice or pro. The Bronco is sure to entertain and definitely is a fun machine worth taking a look at if your in the market for a new adventure rig because it is the adventure.