NEW Ford BRONCO walk around

All these years of waiting, and Nashville Early Bronco finally got to sit in the New Bronco. It was pretty amazing!

Obviously, he loves Broncos. He has a 1975 Classic First Gen Bronco that he works on, and he’s restoring a 1974 Ford Bronco. Broncos are in his blood. So getting an opportunity to sit in the new Bronco at the Bronco Super Celebration was awesome.

Esteban showed him around, talked about the features and options and let him sit and feel what the new Bronco will be like.

This Bronco was the Badlands edition. It had the optional roofrack, 33 inch tires (not the Sasquatch package), warn winch, and a lot of other amazing features. We are really excited for the new Bronco to come out in 2021!