2021 Ford Bronco | First Drive

The Bronco comes with two engine options. Standard is a 2.3-liter turbo 4-cylinder EcoBoost, (graphic: 275 hp/300 lb ft torque).

The more powerful 2.7-liter V6 that makes 310 hp and a lot of twist with 415-pound feet of torque. That works massively in your favor when climbing up steep or slippery stuff.

The smaller engine may not have the horsepower of the V6, but it’s lighter and definitely changes the feel of the truck. Making it even more agile. And of course, you can only get the smooth-shifting manual 7-speed transmission with it.

But the power of the V6 works plenty of magic out on the trail. No, it’s not crazy V8 power, but with the rest of the tools in the Bronco’s arsenal, you don’t lack for ability.

The Bronco gets Ford’s HOSS suspension. That’s the High-performance Off-road, Stability, Suspension System
. That H.O.S.S. setup absorbs a lot of bumps off-road, making for a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the rough stuff.

The Sasquatch off-road package gets a super beefed-up version of it. If you’re planning on rock crawling for hours, this is going to be a nice way to do it.

With the Sasquatch, the spring rates change because of the lift and you get 3-position reservoir shocks that adjust really nicely to the different terrain you’re on.

This suspension is marvelous in my opinion.

The Bronco comes in six different trims depending on your Broncoing needs.