Jeep Events: What are they? Where are they?

**Let’s get right into it. Why are you even reading this article? Well, maybe the title caught your eye and made you a little curious. If you’re like me, you probably are a Jeep owner, maybe new, maybe old, and you keep hearing all this talk about “Jeep Events.” In this article, I will break down what they are, where they’re located, and if they’re even worth your time. **


Now let me qualify myself first, my name is Bob, I am 26 years old, have owned Wranglers for the last 8 years, and have been all over the entire United States to almost every state, (only missing 4) and have been to just about every big Jeep event you can name. So let’s get started!

What is a Jeep event? Well, as the name implies, it is in fact an event that is held on a national level or in a popular town in the U.S. that encompasses Jeep branded vehicles. But, it is so much more than that. A Jeep event is an all-encompassing, community-driven function that brings people together who share the same passions, excitement, and desire to modify their Jeep vehicle, Just. Like. You. We hit trails and talk to other people throughout an entire weekend. Think of your favorite music festival but with people who drive Jeeps.

Now, The big question is, is it every Jeep vehicle?

Honest answer, No. These events are mostly geared towards Wrangler owners. The Jeep Wrangler is hands down the most popular Jeep branded vehicle the company has ever produced and with the advancement of the newer models, more and more people are getting into the platform.

In 2020 alone, there were over 200,000 Jeep Wranglers sold. That’s a lot of Jeeple (Jeep People). At these events you see thousands of smiling faces, families, and people of all age ranges shopping for the latest accessory for their Wrangler. They may also be shopping for much larger components like shocks, full suspensions, and even aftermarket axles and tires!


These events are the premier place to be to interact with the direct manufacturer of the parts you buy off the internet or a shop and you can all those cool builds from Instagram and Facebook that you drool over as you scroll and press that like button. What is even more interesting to think about, these events not only encompass builds from all over the country but also the best of what a local shop in your area may have to offer. That’s right, for any shop that wants to get their name out there, show off what they can do, and shake hands and kiss babies with the same people who will end up spending thousands of dollars with them later than these events are the place to be.

Some examples of Jeep events held on a national level would include, Jeep Beach, The Great Smokey Mountain Jeep invasion or Easter Jeep Safari. Local events would include, Sheriff’s Jeep Fest, Trail Hero, and Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam. Now that we have touched on some of the actual names of these events, Let’s get into WHERE they are located.

Whether you live on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, or the deep South. I can guarantee you there is an event for you to attend at least once a year.

For example, In the southern region of the country, you have Jeep Beach, in Daytona, FL. The Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion and Sheriff’s Jeep Fest. Out west we have Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah as well as Trail Hero in Hurricane, Utah. East coast we have Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as the Jeep invasion in Wildwood, New Jersey. I just listed some of the most fun and largest events in the country that I have personally been to and felt I had the most fun at.

If you like to offroad, or don’t even know how to put your Jeep in 4WD, these events are the key ones to attend plus a few others. If you attend an event like Easter Jeep Safari or Trail hero, these are wheeling events with a vendor show attached. For you newbies, vendor shows are where you get all the shiny new jeep parts at a good deal typically. The companies who take the time to attend these events are excited to talk to you, teach you and sell their products, and help provide a much better offroad experience.

To give you an idea of the national appeal of these events, Look at Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion in Pigeon Forge, TN.


Over 40,000 people cycled through those gates in only three days.

There were a few hundred different vendors and everywhere you looked, you saw a Wrangler driving down the road. The atmosphere the whole weekend was electric. For any new Jeep owner, events like this are excellent. You do not have to destroy your rig, the event has something for your old CJ or YJ all the way up to your shiny new Wrangler 392 and Gladiator.

A more local event would be Sheriff’s Jeep Fest located in Jasper, GA. This event is incredible! Since the event is hosted by the Sheriff’s Foundation, a non-profit organization, the Board of Directors works each year to identify needs in local, state, and national youth needs to support. Some of the charities that they help include the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, the Joy House, Special Olympics for Pickens County, the Boys and Girls Club, the Jasper Youth Sports Association, and much more! I threw this in there not because they are any sort of sponsor of me or even REVKIT, but because

the meaning behind the event is something I can rally behind and that is what these events are all about!

You go to an event that encompasses like-minded individuals by the hundreds or the thousands. You do something cool with your Jeep, you get to support a good cause just by paying an entry fee, you learn a thing or two and your personal network of Jeep friends spreads all over the country. These events are the unsung heroes of the Jeep community and the very reason WHY there is even a community of Jeep people in the first place.

They have been going on for years and will continue for many more years to come, so grab your keys, start your engine, load the GPS, and head to your first event…you will probably even catch me at one of these events year over year! Keep on Jeepin’!

-Your Buddy Bob
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