Installing DIY Long Arms on My Jeep Wrangler!

It’s time to upgrade the suspension on my Jeep Wrangler, and im doing that with a full Long Arm kit.
This Barnes4WD DIY kit is going to give us a 3 link front, and 4 link rear with the uppers triangulated.
Long arms are going to give us a better ride on the road, and even better performance off-road. Once the kit is fully installed, ill take it offroad and we can discuss the benefits of long arm kits and 3/4 links.
There are a lot of long arm kits on the market, some are bolt on, and some still require welding. This is a very well designed kit that is going to be really strong and offer some great suspension geometry numbers (Antisquat, instant center, antidive etc). There is a lot of welding, however it all tabs together really well and makes the install pretty dang straight forward.
The kit comes with everything needed, except for a rear axle truss, which ill talk about in the next video. We even get a new heavy duty skid plate that incorporates into the kit and offers around 1.5″ of added ground clearance without any tummy tuck or drivetrain modifications.

Long arms are one of the best upgrades you can do to a lifted Jeep Wrangler, and im excited to finish up this project so we can take it for a spin!