Top Hidden FEATURES of the new Ford Bronco!

Today I’m going over hidden features I bet you didn’t know about the 2021 Bronco!

  1. No matter what package you have, your Ford is equipped with global windows. This means that if you tap and then hold down the “unlock button” on your key fob, it will roll down the windows.
  2. The range on the key fob is further the higher trim level you have.
  3. If you are out of range of the hey fob, put it under your chin and your head will act as an antenna that will extend the range.
  4. If your key fob dies, take out the battery. Then insert the key into the indention in the bottom of the center console and push button start will work again.
  5. If your vehicle does not have auxiliary switches, there is a pocket for your sunglasses in the roof.
  6. Even if your vehicle does not have remote start, you can download the Ford Pass app and start your vehicle from your phone as long as you have an internet connection.
  7. The QR code on the windshield is the production date which is used for the manufacturing process.
  8. If you forget to tighten the door bolts enough, the Bronco will warn you by making a clicking sound when trying to close the door.

Which of these did you find most surprising?