Return To Bronco Knoll! Base Bronco on 35’s Takes Another Crack at Ford’s Easter Egg Hunt!

Steffie & Dusty make another attempt at Bronco Knoll, the secret destination whose coordinates Ford hides in every 2021 Bronco! You might recall our previous video from Bronco Knoll, where the bone stock stripper model Base Bronco didn’t quite prove worthy to the task, solely because of the poor ground clearance provided by the tiny stock tires. Now, armed with a set of 35″ Nitto Trail Grapplers (but still no lockers or other special equipment in this non-Sasquatch Base model) we are returning for revenge!

Come along with us as we continue to benchmark the capabilities of the Base Bronco, the 7-speed manual transmission, 2.3L engine and find out just how much fun you can actually have in Ford’s cheapest, least-equipped new Bronco!