Rock Crawling Without Lockers in a Base Ford Bronco on Big Bear’s Gold Mountain Trail!

This week we continue our benchmarking series on the Base model, non-Sasquatch 2-Door Bronco as we step it up a notch in difficulty and technical terrain. Ride along with Steffie and Dusty as we tackle Big Bear, California’s famous Gold Mountain Trail!

Gold Mountain is considered only a medium difficulty trail for experienced drivers with well-equipped 4X4’s. But for a brand new Ford Bronco that started life as a stripper with no lockers, no Rock Crawling GOAT Mode, no Trail Turn Assist or other fancy goodies, will it still be a cake-walk or will it end in carnage? Find out as we continue our quest to find the limits of the Base Bronco.

We’re out to prove that you don’t have to drop a ton of coin to have a blast in a new Ford Bronco. The stripper Base, once you throw on some decent tires, is more than capable to get you out there into the back-country–and get you home. And you don’t have to just stick to the fire roads either. With some careful driving and an adventurous spirit, this little bargain Bronco is Twice the Fun at Half the Price™!