AGM Suspension Sliders Installed and Trail Tested | Built2Wander

Coilover suspension is becoming more popular in off-road vehicles, and for good reason, too. Coilovers provide a ton of adjustability over a standard spring and shock, and also make for a really plush ride when tuned correctly. However, often times they become squeaky, which draw people away from choosing them for their 4×4 Build.

In this episode of Built2Wander, we head to Carbon Off Road in Hurricane, UT with the goal of getting rid of the squeaky suspension of owner Austin Stobaugh’s Jeep JK. Austin has a wicked custom coilover suspension setup, but hates how noisy it is. Enter the All German Motorsports Suspsension Slider. The AGM Suspension Slider replaces the factory suspension slider with a 3-piece design, which features a precision fit insert and a two-piece outer housing made out of 6061 Aluminum. They hold suspension springs truer to each other and their respective coil carrier body, preventing the contact that inevitably occurs when an O.E.M. slider prematurely wears, deforms, or breaks. This in turn increases component life and related prep costs for folks like Austin who really use their off-road vehicles to their limits.