I Took a 18Hr Road Trip In Our New Ford Bronco!!

Cassie and I bought a 2021 Ford Bronco!! The only issue is that it is in the wrong state….
Most of you know that we are huge Jeep fans, but the bronco has a lot of cool options that might compete with the Wrangler. So the best way to see if its a capable rig, is to try one out!! We are going to see what the Bronco can be capable of, and how it stacks up against a Jeep Wrangler. Of course the plans are to wheel it, review it, and then continue to add modifications and upgrades!
Back to the story… Cassie ordered the Bronco from Green Ford in Greensboro, NC. They were confident that they could get it ASAP, and they did! So after the phone call that it was ready for pickup, i hopped on a plane and then drove it back the next day.
I learned alot from the 18+hr drive in the new ford bronco, and i cant wait to share all of that with you. Im even more excited to take this offroad and see if it can compare with the great road manners that the Bronco offers.
We decided to get the Big Bend model with the Sasquatch package. This gives us the extra offroad upgrades that we talk about. Personally i think this package is worth the extra money since the gears and lockers especially are pricey to install aftermarket.