Can you tow with with a 2021 Bronco?

UPDATE PLEASE READ FIRST!!! If you plan on towing, you won’t want to get the ball mount or the hitch extension from Ford’s accessories!! Well that is if you plan on clearing your tire. The extender will clear the tire, but halves your tongue hitch weight to 175lbs. I did not know this at the time of making this video. Luckily I am still under the tongue weight of my trailer, but pushing the max limit. You can buy a 12-13in extended ball mount which I plan on doing soon since I’ll be adventuring again soon. The extender is great if you are just using it for a bike carrier or cargo extender and not for towing!

Welcome back to my adventures. Everyone always asks me if the bronco can tow, and if it can tow well. So in this one I show my towing setup and try to answer as many questions about towing as I can. Let me know what your towing experience is with the Bronco down below! As always, thanks for watching!