Rock Krawler 3” Pro-X Suspension for Jeep Gladiator Installed!

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Does anyone know what day it is anymore? It’s Suspension Day for Rob and his Gladiator! Time to install the Rock Krawler 3″ Pro-X Suspension, featuring adjustable control arms all around, triple rate front and quadruple rate rear coil springs, 2.25″ aluminum RRD Spec Shocks, and a triangulated 4-link rear axle truss! Watch as Rob shows us how easy it is to get this suspension kit bolted in to his truck, along with a small amount of optional welding on the rear truss. Not only will this kit ride fantastic on the road, but it should perform amazingly off-road with insane amounts of flex! Once the lift is installed, the 37″ Nitto Trail Grapplers wrapped around custom powder coated fifteen52 Travers HD wheels can finally be installed.