Rock Krawler 3in Adventure Pro Lift Kit Install | Northridge4x4 DIY Garage

Welcome back to another video in the Northridge4x4 Sting Gray Giveaway Gladiator build. Today we are installing a Rock Krawler Adventure Series PRO lift kit. The Adventure series kit converts the rear 5 link suspension to a triangulated 4 link and gets rid of the rear track bar. Coupled with the new Rock Krawler HD control arms with their service free joints, this suspension will flex far better than your factory suspension ever could.

This kit features taller springs for a 3” lift and a firmer spring rate for all those accessories and gear you’ll be carrying.

To help smooth out the terrain, we matched this kit up with a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks. Featuring a 46mm piston in a mono-tube design, the Bilstein 5100s are probably the best-bang-for-the-buck shock you can get.

You can install this Rock Krawler lift kit in your driveway or garage. Follow along with Tech Tim as he shows you the how-to behind the kit and takes the Sting Gray Giveaway Gladiator to another level of off-road performance.