They Say This is Cheating, installing a Rock Krawler long arm kit on the Jeep JL

You know, the Jeep JL already comes with some pretty long arms and makes climbing a breeze in a lot of situations! But how can we make this easier? I hear there is a cheat code out there that makes it even EASIER. The trick is, can you find it? well, after HOURS of grinding it out, we found it and show you! let me know what you think!

LOL only fooling around! We install a Rock Krawler Long Arm Kit on Heathen! I think its gonna be hella harder keeping up with her now!

This is not a detailed how to, but I bet there is some good information in here for anyone either thinking about installing, or trying to get it done themselves! BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL! RK took much of the guess work out of this install, but it is possible to mess it up if your not careful! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!