TFL Studios 1st Edition Bronco vs my Jeep Rubicon on 35s!

November 30th, I took @The Fast Lane Car up Miller Rock trail west of Boulder, Colorado for an afternoon of comparing the 1st edition Ford Bronco (which comes with the Sasquatch package and 35s) against a dealer modified Jeep Rubicon Unlimited with a 2 inch Mopar Lift and 35 inch Toyo MTRs. A true head to head of brand vs brand. Both with 2 inch lifts, and both with 35 inch tires, both with front and rear lockers!! The fundamental difference is IFS vs Live/Solid Axle!

What an awesome day wheeling with Tommy, Roman, and Alex! My great friend Chris tagged along in the beast of a Wranger he has on 37s, nearly 4 inches of lift, hydro, bead locks etc.

Thanks for watching, see you on the next one!