The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor – What You Need to Know

Bronco Wild Outdoors recently had a chance to check out a 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor in Townsend Tennessee at Super Celebration East. Seeing the Bronco Raptor up close is a game-changer. The massive fender flares are less impactful in person and the Eruption Green helped with the contrasting colors as well. This Bronco is big, and the 37″ tie from the factor is very impressive. The active valve exhaust is a nice option. The fox/hoss suspension is the best part, with 13″ of travel in the front and 14″ in the rear this Bronco is ready for the off-road for sure. The 3.0 EcoBoost engine is a nice addition and the dana 50 rear diff and the dana front makes this Bronco ready to beat the rocks and sand like no other factory off-road machine on the market. Production starts in May of 2022 and deliveries should happen in the summer.
The color of this Bronco Raptor is new for 22 Eruption Green, the tires are BFG”s KO2 All-Terrain 37″
The wheel options are the 17″ cast aluminum, 17″ alloy, and the 17″ forged wheel. There are 10 Paint colors to pick from, and the only top that is currently available is the MIC hardtop.
The gear ratio is currently unconfirmed. I will update when possible.
The Bronco Raptor starts at around $70,000.