REVKIT 3.0 is coming!

REVKIT 3.0 is coming!

Hey everyone, Dan and Mike here, and we’ve got some exciting news!

Over the past few months we’ve been working on REVKIT 3.0. So what is REVKIT 3.0? Well, think of it this way…its bigger, faster and stronger….much like going from some stock Jeep to a seriously upgraded, bomb proof, hell-raisin’ Jeep to conquer the nastiest trails. Or, in more tech speak: REVKIT was rebuilt from the ground up which includes a much faster website and yes, yes, YES, a gosh darn APP for iOS AND Android!

With this new version of REVKIT we are going to be able to add more functionality at a faster pace and we’ve got a lot of exciting features on the roadmap.

So please keep an eye out for an email within a few weeks which will announce all the new hotness and how you can get your hands on the official REVKIT app.

Dan & Mike