USPS LJ – The Story Behind REVKIT’s Featured Build


One afternoon as Bill was again stuck in the passenger seat of his LJ (1_BAD_LJ), he decided, enough is enough, it’s time to build Diana her own rig, so they don’t have to share driving duties. Now Bill is no stranger to building Jeeps, as he owns B&R Performance in Kaiser, MO. But the question was, what should he build.


Then one day, a right hand drive (RHD) 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, that was Bill’s actual mail mans vehicle, was available locally for a deal he couldn’t pass up. Diana wanted an LJ. So Bill came up with a plan to put the two together and build one of the more unique Jeeps out there. A RHD Jeep LJ.


Bill called up companies like Yukon Gear & Axle, Rock Krawler Suspension, Genright Off-Road, Dirty Life Wheels and Mickey Thompson tires in conjunction with RockStar Garage. His plan was simple, to build a RHD similar to the way his LJ was setup. Stretched using the Rock Krawler Suspension and put on a set of 43in Mickey Thompson Baja XS tires. They decided to keep the venerable 4.0L that came with the Jeep, for now, for the initial build.

Now as some of you know, most RHD Jeeps were Postal Jeeps. To keep with this theme, Bill decided to paint the Jeep white along with adding Postal themes into the Jeep while adding a Yukon Gear & Axle bear on the door that ties the theme all together. Hence why the name of the Jeep is USPS_LJ. Yukon Grizzly lockers along with Yukon 5.38s. Genright fenders help clear those 43s and with a helpful stretch from Rock Krawler, wheelbase ended up at 111in. Right in the sweet spot for a 1-ton LJ.

You will see Diana and Bill all over the USA driving their LJs at events. It will not be hard to miss USPS_LJ out on the trail and when you see them, say hi