Delrin Hinge Liners

Have you ever struggled to get the doors off your Jeep? Prying at it, rocking the door back and forth, doing what ever you can to finally get them off? Well, TMR Customs has the solution. Delrin Hinge Liners are designed to replace the factory liners to make getting your door off much easier.

The beauty is that TMR makes them for all Jeep CJ and Wrangler models starting way back in 1976. The kit also a handy removal tool to make the job easy.

Of course, the first step is to remove the doors. Once upon a time, I used to have the nuts for the doors, but I am sure those are rolling around the garage somewhere.

Once the doors are off, it’s time to remove the old liners. The top one was pretty easy but the lower one was a little harder due to the rock slider being in the way. I first tried to use a rubber hammer, but it was not effective enough, so I grabbed a regular hammer. Just be careful with the paint.

Side-by-side comparison between the stock metal one, and the new TMR Delrin liner.

New liners are installed on the driver side. Now off to get the passenger side done.

They do come out fairly easily, but you definitely have to hit the removal tool pretty hard. But once they start to move, they will pop right out.

I went ahead and used some sand paper to clean up the inside of each door hinge. Just to make sure it was fairly clean before I put the new liners in.

All four factory door hinge liners were removed.

Hard to tell, but you can see the new liners installed. Why would you need this even in a new Jeep? These really do make the removal of the door so much easier. And better to get the job done sooner than later. I was worried about how long or how hard it would be to remove the factory liners due to the Jeep being 17 years old. But it didn’t take very long, and a great upgrade.