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  • Featured Build: Revelator JL

    Caleb Forbes has spent several years working in the automotive industry and immersing himself in the Jeep community. Now with REVKIT, Caleb travels the country attending Jeep events with his awesome build, Revelator JL, and doing what he loves most.

  • Featured Build: Jeepin Bubba

    This week we want to spotlight something a little different. LJ builds are seeming more and more rare, especially ones that are incredibly well built! Whether you know him as Brad or Bubba, or have seen his Youtube Channel JeepinBubba…

  • Revelator JL Gets A Makeover

    The Revelator JL has come a long way from being stock! To get it ready for the Unlimited Off-Road Show in Atlanta, I decided to jump-start the build a little early. Now it sits on 40s, full Rock Krawler suspension, and rocks a Bestop Trektop NX!

  • Featured Build: That Green Jeep

    Life-long automotive enthusiast and talented photographer, John Stokes, broke the internet with his famous build, That Blue Wheelbarrow. When he isn’t wrenching on his wheelbarrow, John shifts his focus to his JK, That Green Jeep.

  • Featured Build: rde2rok

    This week we chat with John Patrick about his build, RDE2ROK. His build started out as a bone stock Sport X model but needing a more capable rig, it eventually transformed into one of the baddest wheeling machines in the country.

  • Featured Build: Tokinjew

    This week we chat with Adam Green from RIPP Superchargers about his Action Truck conversion, Tokinjew, and his plans for his new JL.

  • My Jeep TJK

    “Simple is so much better,” or so says the under-funded Jeeper like myself. We’ve all been there, when you can’t afford to do what you’d really like with your rig, so rationalizing that “simple is better” seems like a good option…

  • Featured Build: Flobuilt Conversions

    John Hendrix has 24 years in the collision industry, many factory certifications, is a heavy structural technician, and has over 10 years as a self-taught fabricator. We chat with John about his JKL, Flobuilt, that he hopes to make a full-time gig.

  • Featured Build: Purple Monster

    This week Cassie Hughes tells us about her beast, Purple Monster, and how her role at Bestop drives her build.

  • RIPP Superchargers Release Their JL Kits

    Watch as RIPP Superchargers reveal their next generation RIPP Supercharger System for the 2018+ JL and a real-world example of a 40″ tire on an otherwise stock Jeep.

  • Trail to SEMA 2019 Partners

    Here’s to the partners that made Trail to SEMA 2019 possible

  • Featured Build: Jeepnamedhavok

    This week we chat with Drew Hyman about his build, Havok, and how he makes a living doing what he loves most at Off-Road Mafia.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #006

    This episode is all about our weekend off from our “work trip” here in Southern California. We took some time to sleep through the Carlsbad Marathon and get breakfast with Colossus JKU.

  • Legends Of The Loud Pedal – Featured Build: Mr.Karnage

    There are some Jeepers who like to go slow, crawl every obstacle with prowess and conquer the hardest line.. Then there’s Will from Karnage Motorsports. This week, we talk with Will, (Mr.Karnage) about his badass two-door JK…

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #005

    We talk about Bob clearing the proverbial barrel before his girlfriend visits, we discuss King of the Hammers 2019 and if you’ve eaten in the last 30 minutes, you might want to pause the podcast now, because Bob tells us his favorite sexual position.

  • New Jeeper Jeep Tip: Wheels

    This is another topic that sounds obvious but like anything else in the Jeep world, it has its own quirks and lingo that you need to be familiar with when upgrading those stock shoes.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #004

    On this episode Jeff, Bob and Reggie talk about our favorite stories of each other, we discuss BOB REGGIE AND JEFF’S WEEK OF FUN! We ask Bob why he decided to delete his FACEBOOK account, Jeff reminds us why he refuses to spot Bob wheeling in MOAB.

  • Featured build: Mayhem Offroad

    There aren’t too many gecko green wranglers that we consider to be perfect, but Nick’s Mayhem is definitely dialed in! Take a look at Nick’s photography, an incredibly well built supercharged JK and learn how Nick is helping the community every year

  • New Jeeper Jeep Tip: Keeping it Clean

    Sergeantcrush gives some Jeep Tips on how to keep your Jeep clean.

  • 2.0 TURBO JL Impressions

    Now that the JL has around 2500 miles on it, I thought it was time to do a little review but also show what this 4 cylinder turbo is capable of!