Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #014

What’s up guys. Today we’re recording from Mason Texas after we got done at the Crawl Magazine Readers Ride at Wolf Caves. We have with us Tim Cromer from BF Goodrich, Goose (last name redacted) from Pac Racing Springs, the Editor and Chief of Trails magazine, the INFAMOUS Chris Hughes as well as Jeff and Reggie.

We start off going LIVE with Bob on the road with his 6000 mile quest across the country, we find out that Goose doesn’t like “Yankee ass beer”, Chris tells us the Titans of the Industry that he looks up to, Jeff tells us that “Alaska and Africa are similar” and lastly we talk about me crossing the Rio Grande on the way to our Air BNB.

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And without further a due… here are the Jeepin’ Bros!