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  • The Low Down on One-Ton Axle Swaps

    We’re pretty stoked. Why, you ask? Because we got to sit down with Bob Corcoran to talk all about one-ton axle swaps.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #014

    What’s up guys. Today we’re recording from Mason Texas after we got done at the Crawl Magazine Readers Ride at Wolf Caves. We have with us Tim Cromer from BF Goodrich, Goose (last name redacted) from Pac Racing Springs…

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #013

    This week we figure out why Bob just moved out of our apartment in Savannah, we set the age restrictions for listening to our Podcast and I tell my favorite story from my days UBERing with Crawler in Fayetteville North Carolina!

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #012

    We have Ross Esposito, the owner of RIPP Superchargers and Dan Hart and Mike Kaplan, the owners of REVKIT. We learn about the humble beginnings of RIPP and why you want a REVKIT for your Jeep.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #011

    Don’t worry, we have no April Fools jokes in this episode but we are minus one fool…

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #010

    This week we talk about the MINT 400 and how fucking cool that race is and the storied past of it all…

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #009

    Jeepin’ Bros are back and in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Nitto Off-Road Expo!

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #008

    Today we are joined by John Herrick, the head honcho at Crawl Magazine, Chris Hughes, the editor in chief of Trails Magazine and Justin Kemp as we discuss a little KOH history.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #007

    Today We have the Editor and Chief of Trails Magazine, Chris Hughes with us and we discuss the cool shit we can’t WAIT to see at King of the Hammers.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #006

    This episode is all about our weekend off from our “work trip” here in Southern California. We took some time to sleep through the Carlsbad Marathon and get breakfast with Colossus JKU.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #005

    We talk about Bob clearing the proverbial barrel before his girlfriend visits, we discuss King of the Hammers 2019 and if you’ve eaten in the last 30 minutes, you might want to pause the podcast now, because Bob tells us his favorite sexual position.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #004

    On this episode Jeff, Bob and Reggie talk about our favorite stories of each other, we discuss BOB REGGIE AND JEFF’S WEEK OF FUN! We ask Bob why he decided to delete his FACEBOOK account, Jeff reminds us why he refuses to spot Bob wheeling in MOAB.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #003

    On Episode 3 of Jeepin’ Bros Podcast, Jeff and Bob gets to talk with Caleb Forbes about REVKIT, Bob talks about his closeout sale prices, and Jeff discusses roller skating accidents, vasectomies, and tinder dates.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #002

    Episode deaux covers Reggie and Jeff in Afghanistan in 2014, Bob being banned from ALL Applebee’s in Michigan and a quick intro to Bob’s Jeep JL.

  • Jeepin’ Bros Podcast #001

    A new podcast from the Jeepin’ Bros where we talk Jeeps, Jiu-Jitsu, military stuff and everything in between.